When purchasing your Above-Ground Pool, we discuss the installation process, and what it will take to set up your pool successfully.



Once a plan is in place, we find an installation time that works best for your schedule, our contractors, and the weather forecast.



We work quickly to complete pool installation in a timely manner, ensuring your ground is level, plumbing is connected, electrical components are bonded, etc.

Dedication to Craft

For over 20 years, Bureau County Pool Builders has worked with all types of sales representatives to provide clients with quick, simple and complete installation of Above-Ground Pools and their accessories.

Lifetime Installation Warranty®
Poly Shield Protection System®
Electrical Pool Bonding

Customer Reviews

They were great Ben and his crew were amazing friendly got the job done fast and perfect

Todd Fuhrer

Project manager Jed and his crew were professional and on time. They answered all my concerns. Jim Ross crew, who installed my pool, was fantastic, courteous, on time and professional! Excellent work guys, thank you!

Michelle Vandersnick

Ryan and his crew did a great job with our pool liner replacement. They were prompt and professional. We are very pleased!


Richard’s crew installed a new pool liner for me today. They were very polite, professional, and got work done in a timely manner. I would definitely use this company for any work I needed done.

Jennifer Lehman

Richards crew did a fantastic job installing our above ground pool. Very polite and courteous guys and they cleaned up everything when they were done. Thank you so much for building my pool!!

Patricia Read

Highly highly highly recommend this company!!! The office staff was super nice and very easy to work with and schedule our job! Ryan’s crew replaced our pool liner and these 3 guys and 1 gal are the model for customer service! Polite, friendly, helpful, and thorough! Even offered to hook up our pump, etc., even though they wouldn’t have had to! We would most definitely give them our business again!

Susan Hodges

Ry guys crew did an excellent job on my pool install!

John Miller

A good group of hardworking individuals who are very knowledgeable and respectful.

H Cormick

They were Early to install great crew. Ask for Ry Guys crew great bunch of guys no messing around professional and answers all your questions!!! Give them A 10!!

Pete Magee

Ben’s crew was hard working, respectful, and very helpful. Ben even called my husband to relay all the info he told me since I am new to having a pool! Would highly recommend this company for your pool installation.

Jessica Kloster

Ryan and his crew were great to work with! They worked on a long, hot, humid day and kept going until the project was done. Problems outside of their control were encountered and they handled them very well. Every question I asked Ryan answered and provided me additional information. I would recommend this crew to anyone who needed a pool installation. Thank you for a job well done!

Dan Neneman

I highly recommend them for pool installation. And they made sure we had no issues or questions and let us know that if we had any issues down the road that we can always call.

Dena Jones

Pool building team did a great job. My only issue is we have one post cap that will not stay on. It looks like a couple of screws are missing. We called and left voicemail message about the problem but haven’t received response yet.

Anita Hart

Ben and his crew were very friendly to be around, they worked extremely hard to put up our pool. The finished product was perfect! Thank you for the great work and thank you to the women at the Office for helping arrange all of this for us!

Evan Schmalshof

I had a 33ft installed, it only took Ry Guys Crew roughly 4hrs too finish. These guys knew exactly what to do, where to do it, and when to do it. Besides having the pool up didn’t even look like they had been here. They answered all questions and even answered ones that I wasn’t even thinking of asking. They had to come back out 2 days later due to a leak in the liner(manufacturers defect) and did a tremendous job considering the conditions of the sand from the water loss. I would definitely ask for Ry Guys crew for future needs of any pool services that I would need.

Bobbie VanMeter

These gentleman came and did such an amazing job! Friendly crew! Answered questions! Yard was spotless when done! Such a professional group of builders!!!!!

Ginger Barnes

Very informative and professional! Great people!!!

Jeremy Coon

Ben McCauley’s crew did a fantastic job with our pool installation. Ben always informed us about any schedule changes, they were fast and he kept in touch just in case I had any questions after the install. Thank you all at Bureau County Pool for making this process easy and with no stress.

Devon Brooks

The crew did a great job of installing.

Jeff Justice

Ry Guys crew was fantastic! On time and always kept moving and going! Cleaned up when they left! Good job guys!(and gal!!)

Lisa Schaver

Ry Guys crew did my installation and did an incredible job. Very happy with these guys.

Joe Carpio Jr.

Ry guys were excellent and efficient! They let me know when they were coming and got right at it, installation at it’s finest and quick clean up! Very knowledgeable to answer any questions I had. Very pleased!

Randi Conner

Lisa and the other office personnel are very professional, helpful, and great to deal with. I would recommend this business.

Monica Bloomberg

Great job! Start to finish. They over communicated everything from the office to the installers! Top notch! They did the job right, didn’t seem to rush. We have a big hill and had to have 3ft dug out, and that didn’t cost nearly the arm and leg I thought it was going to do. They bonded the pool for us as well. Which I was not sure Davenport made you do.

Caleb Guyton

May The Forecast Be With You!