Semi In-Ground 3
Poly Shield Protection is Superior to Foam Cove
Poly Shield Protection System is far Superior to Foam Floor
Heater Manifold & Hard Plumb IG System
Hard Plumb System 25 feet
Pool Area must be Hard Pack
Heater Manifold
Poly Shield Protection System
May the Forecast be with You!
Oval Decking, Good Job! Ovals Are Dog Bone Shaped!
Best Way To Lay Deck Boards
Best Way to Lay Deck Boards
Wrap Deck
Heater Manifold & Hard Plumb Cartridge System
Heater & Hard Plumb System
Narrow Yard Oval Installation
Heater Manifold, Sand Filter
Semi In-Ground Installed
Semi In-Ground 2
Existing Site Ready for Installation
Oval Lay-Out 2
Oval Lay-Out
Incorrect Equipotential Bonding
Should of Checked the Tag on the Box.
DON’T forget your ladder pad
Tsk Tsk!
Industrial Pool Patch
Tight Fit
Holes in the wall of the Pool Liner, Very Hard to Detect
Poly Shield Protection System “Wally Poly”
Replacing a Pool Requires Replacing the Landscaping
Poly Shield Protection System
Oval Buttress System Ready for Poly Shield & Sand Floor
Poly Shield Protection System will prevent this
Pool-Krete for Above Ground, Terrible Idea
Close Simple Mains Manifold
Poly Shield Protection Floor
Oval Lay-out
Oval Installed before Backfill and Tile
Updating an Existing Oasis
Oval Install
Defective Seam
Oval Complete
Improper Drainage Costly Repair
Improper Drainage around the Structure
Costly Repair due to poor drainage, pool water is corrosive and where it goes when it splashes over is very important.
Fill pool before tile and backfill
Installation Complete
Protecting the pool sand and Your Yard!
Dependable Equipment
Ready for Install
Joe E
Poly Shield Protection (protection from worms and so much more!)
Extra dirt, we can help.
Patio Cut-out
15×24 Oval
Poly Shield Protection Floor, tuck in the corners
Poly Shield Protection Floor, tuck and support rail & build up sand cove
Poly Shield Protection Floor, build cove & cover with sand cove
Poly Shield Protection Floor, nothing gets in, nothing gets out!
Existing Deck
Oval Support System
Improper Build up of Hardpack
Rewarded a Beautiful Scene after a long day.
Push Down Plate, Pool Frame to Hardpack
Improper Hardpack
After…Proper Drainage around the pump & filter
Landscape over these support blocks
Cut the Hardpack, Ready for Install
About half way done
Numerous problems with this site, wrong sand, no sand protection, wrong support block, hardpack not cut level
Site Preparation, thankful it’s dry!
Ready for tile and backfill
30 round, discussing drainage, how to bring water  around & away from the pool structure

May The Forecast Be With You!