Above ground swimming pool installation options:

Poly Shield Protection System®

Our Poly Shield Protection System® provides incredible protection for your pool! With Poly Shield, you can extend your pool manufacturer and installation warranties.

Pool Bonding

Meets Article 680.26 of NEC. We connect all conductive elements of your pool, achieving an even electrical distribution, minimizing the risk of electric shock, and ensuring your pool meets local and state electrical codes.

Plumb and Support Heater

Our team provides plumbing manifold and PVC installation, minimizing maintenance and repair of your above-ground pool’s heating system, maximizing your appliances’ efficiency and extending its lifespan.

Stump Grinding

Not too deep, not too high is the trick! We will grind space for your above-ground pool, leveling the ground by grinding stumps that might otherwise inhibit the placement and installation of your pool.

Hard Plumb Skimmer and Return Lines

Bureau County Pool Builders upgrades water/return lines to ensure your skimmer, pump, heater, etc. are properly connected to your above-ground pool and its systems.

Close Simple Main Drains

Ensures good water flow. Minimizes vacuuming time. Our close simple manifold ensures easy winterizing of the system.

Pool Fencing Installation

Bureau County Pool Builders can help equip your pool with durable and long-lasting vinyl fencing around its top and exterior. Our interlocking technique is far above manufacturer specifications, maximizing the lifetime of the fence.

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