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    Planning stage

    • Warning- do not bring electric to pool site until after installation.
    • Warning- must acquire permits and plan according to local and state codes.
    • Communication Lines will be broken schedule to have them moved to avoid disruption.
    • It is unlawful to install over or within 5 feet of underground electric.
    • Warning- it is unlawful to install over top of septic tanks or lines. Visit your local health department for a map of your system.
    • It is unlawful for you to install under over-head power lines. MUST be plumb down and over 10 ft.
    • Please mark where you want your pool and your pump & filter pad placed. Out of pool traffic area & not under the deck, is our best recommendation.

    Must read through "Swimming Pool Installation Agreement" - must open

    (4 ft over dig prevent access to children and animals, dig 1/2" of level, must be hardpack soil, no build up to level unless compacted gravel. Dig requirement not followed will result in a minimum $250.00 fee to fix)


    May The Forecast Be With You!