Lifetime Installation Warranty

Lifetime Installation Warranty

Only from Bureau County Pool Builders, Inc. In Cooperation with THE GREAT ESCAPE.

We here at the Bureau County Pool Builders, Inc. feel so strongly in the products from The Great Escape and our own abilities as pool builders. When we supply necessary materials, excavation and Poly Shield Protector those customers will receive a Lifetime Installation Warranty.

We only need the knowledge that the proper materials were used, that excavation was done to the required specifications, and that Poly Shield Protector has been installed correctly. We are so confident in or abilities and our product that when you have this work done by Bureau County Pool Builders, Inc. we will offer you a Lifetime Installation Warranty

**Armed with this aforementioned knowledge we warrant that the pool will be free of installation defects for many years to come and we will be happy to return for any problems that arise swimming pool.

Most all installation warranties from pool companies are only for a few short months causing concern for the buyer about the quality of the product and installation of the swimming pool. We have over 25 years’ experience building pools for The Great Escape. The volume of their sales has made it possible for us to retain quality people to return year after year to help us build your swimming pool. We also know that the excavation and materials play an important role and we have very competent people to make sure those roles are on time and done correctly. When you bring all this together and put a layer of protection from Poly Shield Protector under it, we are happy to offer you the additional Lifetime Installation Warranty.

**Warranties cover that workmanship will be free of any defects for the period of original ownership. The pool will stay level, the floor will be free of significant pits or cracks (unmanaged erosion, polls with improper drainage, pool sites over tree stumps or roots, erosion, caused from liner damage, damage from burrowing animals and rodents, are excluded). The liner will not develop any wrinkles (misuse of chemicals, solar covers, heaters, auto cleaners, homeowners, sun damage, etc. are excluded). The pool will stay in its given shape, (damage caused by erosion, causing large “tidal” waves and other outside forces are excluded). Warranties do not cover water, chemicals or lost pool usage.

**All warranty claims are subject to a $99.00 survey and mileage fee and are due at the time of the survey. All warranted surveys will receive full reimbursement of said fees. All surveys not covered under the warranty will receive an estimate on any necessary repairs needed. Survey fees will be applied to all accepted estimates.

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