Helpful Tips
  • Fill your pool before you proceed with any backfilling or landscaping
  • Unless it’s windy, only fill your pool on 60-degree days or sunny days during initial fill-up below 18″
  • 1 inch from the top of the skimmer faceplate is your full line
  • You have 72 hours to detect leaks in the liner, look for standing water outside the pool
  • Read your pump and filter instructions before you proceed
  • When tiling and backfilling your pool, be sure to slope fill to move water away from the pool
  • Proper water management around the structure is of the utmost importance to make sure that your pool does not experience “washout” or rust
  • You will eventually need gasket lube for your pump, filter and vision gaskets to prevent leaks
  • NEVER drain your pool below 2′
  • Use YouTube videos to learn about your pump and filter, chemicals, caring, tiling, winterizing, landscaping, decks, etc. for your pool
  • Use great care to prevent access to small children and animals
  • Your pool must be filled 3/4 full to prevent potential wind damage
  • You must fill your pool first, and supply proper drainage around the pool to ensure that heal impressions do not develop

May The Forecast Be With You!